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Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich



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LMU was founded in 1472 and is recognized as one of Europe's premier academic and research institutions.


The University consists of 18 faculties that cover a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the humanities and cultural studies through law, economics and social studies to medicine and the sciences.


In the winter semester of 2014/2015, LMU had some 52,000 matriculated students.



Insitute of German as a Foreign Language


The University is represented in CoMoLTE by the Insitute of German as a Foreign Language, which is one of the most prominent institutes in this field in Germany. It runs several degree programs from the B.A. to Master, teacher education and Ph.D. levels and specialises in intercultural communication, language and culture acquisition, media, and language teaching.


Through its leading role in the field, it is affiliated with and represented in all major professional organisations and international networks relating to German as a Foreign Language as well as advises governments, ministries and public and private organisations on educational policies, curriculum development and scholarly matters.


The internationally largest virtual language school for academic purposes, Deutsch-Uni Online with programs in German, English, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese, has been developed at and is being operated out of the Institute.



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